ICO Awards

World Obesity Federation recognises achievement in many ways, one of which is through the awards that are presented at each International Congress on Obesity. Winners are invited to present at ICO as well as receiving a memento of their achievement.

ICO 2022 will have 4 awards from the World Obesity Federation: The Willendorf Award, The Wertheimer Award, William Philip T James Award, Emerging leaders in Health Award. Awards will be presented during the congress and winners will be given free registration to ICO, flights and accommodation covered and a 30-minute presentation slot.

The Willendorf Award

Introduced in 1980, The Willendorf Award recognises outstanding clinically oriented research related to obesity. Candidates for this award must demonstrate substantial contributions to clinically oriented research related to obesity.

The Wertheimer Award

The Wertheimer Award was introduced in 1986 at the International Congress on Obesity in Jerusalem. This is awarded for outstanding basic research contributions to the field of obesity. Candidates for this award must demonstrate substantial contributions to basic research related to obesity.

William Philip T James Award

In 2020 a new award in the portfolio was created to acknowledge outstanding achievement in the fields of obesity surveillance, prevention, and management. In recognition of his expertise and service, it was named after William Philip T James and his work with the World Obesity Federation.

Emerging leaders in Health Award

A new award for youth leaders is being introduced at ICO 2022. This award is for outstanding advocacy efforts in the field of obesity. In 2022, a new award will be added for youth proposed solutions to address overweight & obesity.

Nominations and applications are now closed.
Deadline for all awards: 25 April 2022.
Nominations received will be reviewed by the Awards Committee and notifications will be sent by mid-June 2022.
For further enquiries about the World Obesity awards or the nomination process please contact World Obesity at ico@worldobesity.org.